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The How

On December 29, 2018 after taking a fall to protect the Sparkasse and get this nonsense out of the public arena of the courts, I wrote to the Managing Board of the Sparkasse (Page 2 Page 3 Page 4) documenting how the Sparkasse had been and was continuing to violate numerous laws through the spreading of factually inaccurate nonsense, that violated my personality rights.

In the attachments to the letter I documented the lies and slander, that had been spread to destroy my reputation and the actions then taken to hide or erase facts. There were seven attachments to this letter - A. to G.

Yes, I realize the authors of the supporting documents will not appreciate my efforts. That is what it is. We all learn the golden rule as children. Everyone should ask themsleves, before they act, do I want this action publicized? If the answer is no, you might not want to take the action.
That having been said, which action is undignifying and which restores dignity - publishing lies or restoring truth?

Truth is dignity.

Under the follwoing links are the texts of the original attachments. I left them in the original German, and fortunately, we have Google Translate. I have made a an effort to redact most names, as this is not about individuals names or being able to search them except within the documents they wrote in the name of a public institution.  

I thought about making one exception, namely, the board member responsible for Corporate Banking at the time. None of the events that took place could have happened without his express direction. He is also the board member, who in the name of the Sparkasse filed criminal charges against me without providing the district attorney any content. If one person is responsible for all of the breeches of law documented on this website, is is probably that guy. That having been said, he is neither a hero nor a martyr. None of the parties acting in the name of the Sparkasse are. They merely did, what many (mostly by men - although bad behavior is not limited to men) do all the time with impunity. They lied to manipulate the law. Illegal data manipulation is common and widely accepted as a gentleman's perogative, which is exactly why it is so prevalent.

Data manipulation is a human rights violation and undermines the rule of law, that holds civilized society together. It is not "free speech" or "expressing an opinion". If you make clear, you are stating an opinion, you can hope for protection under law. If you claim false and derogatory statements to be fact, you have no protection under law. And yet, the law does nothing. De facto the law protects the victim. De jure nothing is done to protect the victims of libel and slander.

To ignore data manipulation is too dangerous. If we as a society do not actively expose, sanction and demand remedy for lies, we have no future. Humanity can only survive, if we work together. Cooperation requires trust. Lies undermine the trust, that holds our societies together.

I cordially invite you to peruse the facts and see just how "Fake New" works.

Attachment A. - The Lie of Insubordination

Attachment B. - The Insult to cover the Insult

Attachment C 2014 - Data Manipulation

Attachment C 2015-May 2017 - Data Manipulation

Attachment C 2017 - Data Manipulation

Attachment D - Character Assignation happens behind Closed Doors

Attachment E - How is this not Mobbing?

Attachment F - The Obligation to Correct Personal Data

Attachment G - Lack of Transparency

Over the course of the next two years, I contacted the courts demanding, that they correct the inaccuracies and slander, that had been incorporated into judgements. To be clear the Sparkasse has the obligation to accuracy and correction. Because the Sparkasse to date is refusing to perform this legal obligation, I went to the courts directly. The response was underwhelming, but that is a different issue. In the course of the correspondence additional attachments became necessary.

What good are laws , if the people with the responsilbiity to uphold them do not uphold them?

Attachment K. (Anlage K)
Attachment L. (Anlage L)
Attachment M. (Anlage M)
Attachment N

What good are laws , if the people with the responsilbiity to uphold them do not uphold them?