human beings are better than this

Better together

we have to get this right

World in our hands

I borowed this picture from the website initiative-bettertomorrow

The parties, who acted in the name of a public institution, all chose their own path. If you do not wish people to see you actions as silly, you have options. One option is to deny, lie and slander. Another option is to not be silly - to be truthful and respectful human dignity.

I have made an effort to avoid using the names of the acting parties. This is not about the individuals. Even if their actions are worthy of review, the kind of societal denial exhibited here, does not happen in a vacuum. The kinds of affronts to human dignity and violations of law documented on this website happen, because others - be it out of fear, ignorance, apathy or endorsement - accept it.

We can do better than this. We have to.