The memo

September 10, 2016


What was in the memo?

Memo Page 1memo Page 2

First, the memo documents that seven people - 2 board members ( Ressort 100, Ressort 300), 3 department heads (VD 250, OE 120, OE 110), a team leader (OE 121) and an employee (OE 121) - collaborated.

The collaboration "Abstimmung" involved an illegal position in the proverbial broom closet or as the judge described it  “irreversible loss of rights
(which) was realized anew every day. Moreover, the substandard nature of the employment was so blatant that it caused significant damage to the professional reputation of the employee
.”  These people essentially insisted I leave my new job to return to this employer, while at the same time actively continuing to spread slanderous and false accusations "aufgrund der Vorfälle, die die Sparkasse zur Kündigung veranlasst hatten" and pursuing my dismissal "bis zum Abschluss des Rechtsverfahrens". They then locked me out of the Sparkasse illegally counting it against my vacation "Urlaub bis mindestens 30.11.2016 angeordnet"  To cover the illegal vacation order on June 6, 2017 the lawyer for the Sparkasse spread the false claim in court, that my lawyer had asked for the vacation Page 2, which of course he never had. When I pointed the illegal order out to the managing board in my letter of June 21, 2017, in which I list the verifiable documentation of the order, the lawyer falsely accused me on Sept. 7, 2017 of slandering the above mentioned parties. To support his claim the lawyer left the list of verifiable documentation out and later claimed the memo, was just confirmation of my "vacation request" and that the collaborators were just recipients not collaborators. Need less to say, the lawyer also withheld the memo in this court case.

What about this memo is not in the words of the authors of the memo - "Mobbing"?

The memo of Sept. 10, 2016 does not document the beginning of this collaboration. It is merely an unusually complete documentation. I am guessing it was not supposed to be left in my personnel file. Every employee by law is supposed to have access to all information processed about the employee. The Sparkasse has willfully denied me access by having multiple files. It has claimed, that I only have the right to access the personnel file. Decisions of the board are not in the personnel file nor were any legal documents or correspondence with the fixer about me. The law is clear, the Sparkasse has to provide me all information, including any conversations about me, irregardless of the archive location.
The Sparkasse to date has refused to provide full coverage.

How else are you going to cover up breaking the law, if not by breaking the law?

Judging by the actions of the persons collaborating in the memo, the collaboration began sometime between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. It was in November 2014, they decided to take action. Presumably, this decision was made on Nov. 3, 2014 "dass sich Herr B. die Personalabteilung gewandt und um Unterstützung gebeten hat." (s. legal brief from 25.06.2015 p. 10), as this was the day my supervisor went to the personnel department and forwarded a lot of correspondence, which was subsequently dissected and misrepresented to be used against me.

The authors of the formal complaints took sentence fragments out of context, imbued them with malevolent intent, packed them in insulting speculation and lied about the content they came out of, e.g. the fact, that my supervisor in response to my direct question "ist die Empfehlung...als Auftrag zur Prüfung der Gründung einer Leasinggesellschaft zu verstehen" ordered me "Setzen Sie den Auftrag um" to evaluate starting a leasing company.

The Sparkasse repeatedly falsely claimed, that my supervisor had only ever asked me to advise the leasing specialists to do some data processing. They used the mail in which I discreetly warned my supervisor not to go over the heads of the board with his order to evaluate starting a leasing company, to purportedly prove the verifiably false claim I had been insubordinate with regards to menial data processing. (s. Attachment A)

The parties acting in the name of the Sparkasse manipulated data to construct a false claim of insubordination. They claimed in December 2014 and subsequently, that I had not ordered my team to do menial data processing. It is easily factually verifiable, that my employees were processing the data on October 24, 2014. The parties even spread the baselesss claim, that my supervisor had to implement his own order, because I refused. Considering the supervisor was on vacation in the last two weeks of October 2014, when the order was being implemented, that claim makes no sense and has to date not been in any way substantiated.

I have been asking the Sparkasse since January of 2017 to retract its false allegations. (s. Attachment F)

Has the Sparkasse retracted the false assertions made since 2014 as required by the German Data Protection law?

This is 2022. What do you think?

The complaints against me read a lot like "disembodiment, blood, beheadings, sex, and of course pizza" in New York City. They are that far-fetched and insulting. You can read about the authors' deviation from facts in the attachments in the Content section.

Do you ever wonder why this kind of nonsense is so often and effectively used against women?

A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling on December 6–7, 2016, asked 1,224 U.S. registered voters if they thought Hillary Clinton was "connected to a child sex ring being run out of a pizzeria in Washington DC". Nine percent of respondents said they believed she was connected, 72% said they did not, and 19% were not sure.

So why do people spread lies? Ask the author of Pizza gate:
"Despite the fallout of Pizzagate (as it’s come to be known) that resulted in an armed man entering Comet Ping Pong in search of alleged child sex slaves, MacWilliams said she has no regrets.“I really have no regrets and it’s honestly really grown our audience,” she said."

So is this the kind of thing a fixer would say?

There is historical background to the witchhunt metaphor, which describes justifying attacks on women with fear inspiring lies. 9% of the population blindly believed the lies about the pizzeria. One guy even took a gun and started shooting. As HIllary Clinton said, "'s now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences".[npr Dec. 8 2016]

Did I mention I worked for a municipally owned and operated financial institute -  a German Sparkasse?

Did I mention I filed a formal complaint against the Sparkasse to the Data Protection Authority of the Free State of Saxony?

The Data Protection Authority of the Free State of Saxony received all the data on this website.

What do you think the State Data Protection Authority did with the information?

The first two sentences of the German Basic law are:
Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.

Did I mention I filed a formal complaint against the Data Protection Authority of the Free State of Saxony for lack of action in 2019?

It is still under review.

What good are laws , if the people with the responsilbiity to uphold them will not uphold them?

How do we better vet our public officials?